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2019 marks the centenary of the foundation of the Bauhaus. In each of the five years leading up to the centenary, i.e. from 2015 to 2019, we will open up one question to debate and extend an invitation to join us in our search for contemporary responses, in historic reflection and criticism. At the beginning of each year, we will announce a new question; at the end of the year we will publish the results of the given joint project in a special issue of the journal ARCH+. We will pursue the thematic research and debate in diverse formats according to the given question, resources and alliances, whether as public discussions, open calls, workshops, competitions, debates, research projects or exhibitions, etc. We are looking for ideas, projects and methods that transcend the boundaries of the culture sector and reveal social perspectives. We are looking for forthright positions on relevant contemporary questions. With a focus on selected questions about the future, “Project Bauhaus” forms an open platform and cultivates an expanding network of freelance designers and researchers in collaboration with diverse universities and cultural institutions.

“Project Bauhaus” is not a closed group. We are open to all kinds of ideas and proposals, up to and including associated educational and exhibition projects, etc. “Project Bauhaus” aims specifically to establish networks with international universities that engage, both theoretically and in terms of experimental design, with Bauhaus ideas, and to offer them an opportunity for exchange and interaction.

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We welcome co-productions. We will be pleased to accept ideas, texts and project descriptions for publication and discussion as well as proposals for co-operation and other contributions to the debate: :



Alongside each annual theme, “Project Bauhaus” will engage on a continuous basis with further issues relating to the Bauhaus idea. We are open to all kinds of ideas and proposals. Please feel free to join uns on the blog as well.

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