Call for Papers: “Can the Universal Be Specific?”

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We are seeking contributions in the form of critical essays, studies, case studies, projects, realizations, and designs for the second annual publication of Project Bauhaus, which will appear as an ARCH+ issue on the theme: “Can the Universal Be Specific?”

The following questions may serve as a starting point:

– How can a global notion of the universal be combined with local specificity?

– Can only values be universal, whereas their concrete manifestations must be specific?

– Does the “local specific” help produce, in a certain sense, the universal?

– How can the universal rights to housing, to the city, and to the world be realized in all their plurality?

– What is the impact on design when it migrates from one place to another?

– What differentiates the various modernisms, and what is their shared core?

– Or, on the other hand, is universalism a concept of “the West,” and thus by nature a hegemonic concept? What is the cultural impact of the global spread of science and technology as influenced by Western epistemology?


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Please submit your abstract in PDF form (max. 500 words) to: coop{at}

Contributors whose work is selected for publication in ARCH+ will be informed and given an appropriate time frame to elaborate their submissions in collaboration with the Project Bauhaus team.

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